🌊Tod’s X Xiao Zhan Capsule Collection 🌺

“Be Together, For Tomorrow” is the theme of Tod’s FOR XZ Capsule Collection, a collaboration with Brand Ambassador Xiao Zhan. A call to everyone to come together, embracing love and hope for a better future.

Blazer | TOD’S Linen Blend Blazer
Shirt | TOD’S Linen Blend Shirt
Trousers | TOD’S Chino Trousers
Belt | TOD’S Timeless Reversible Belt in Leather
Sneakers | TOD’S 1T in Smooth Leather and Suede
Bag | TOD’S Timeless Bag in Leather Mini
Bag | TOD’S Timeless Phone Bag in Leather Medium

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Sean’s Fashion – 20220616

20220616 TsingTao

Look 1
上衣 | CHENGGUANG WANG 捏褶金属液态面料外套
裤子 | CHENGGUANG WANG金属液态质感裤子
鞋子 | Norvincy 马丁靴 @诺凡希Norvincy

Look 2
上衣 | EsaLiang 祥云绣片抽褶外套

Sean’s Fashion – 20220606

20220606 Ralph Lauren Fragrance

Wristband|PIG & HEN 手工编织船绳手环
Fragrance|Ralph Lauren Polo Earth
Accessories|OSITERM 地球蓝玉石手链 方形链条黑钻手链 天空之城月光之城项链

Yibo’s Fashion – 20220603

20220603 Yibo’s Weibo Update

In the crowd once and again. I look for him in vain.

T-Shirt|WEST PRO Drift Game White Mask Tee

Hat | WEST PRO Fish in Ocean Cap


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